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We are excited to announce we are officially launching our center on July 1st!

As the right time has come, we would love you to learn about our special Monthly MBS Happiness Pass.

A unique Happiness Membership Pass that allows you to not only try the many activities we offer (so you can find the one that sparks YOUR happiness) but a membership that also makes you part of a unique Happiness Community.

Our aim is to build a network of happy and connected individuals, and to do so we have devised a system for the maximum people to be able to attend unlimited happiness programs, classes & workshops at a minimum cost per month.

It’s all about happiness!

The MBS Happiness Pass

The Monthly MBS Happiness Pass gives you UNLIMITED access to:

  • Daily Life Coaching Seminars
  • Daily Yoga Classes for all levels
  • Martial Arts Classes: Qi Gong & Ninjutsu
  • Daily Guided Meditations and Breathing Exercises
  • Creative Expression Workshops: Dance, Writing & Arts
  • Daily Relaxing Sound Journey with Tibetan Bowls & Gongs
  • Weekly Workshops on: Career, Relationships, Nutrition, Self Development & more!

We know this sounds too good to be true… but we still have more for you!
We have a specialized team and system to make sure you truly become happier every day.
We follow up on your progress and provide you with personalized tools to find the joy within.

Of course, the path towards happiness involves personal responsibility and commitment.
We are just here to help you take that very needed first step and simply… decide happiness!

Last but not least, we also have an amazing MBS Kids Happiness Pass which includes:

  • Yoga Classes
  • Storytelling Circles
  • Drama & Arts Workshops
  • Creative Expression Sessions
  • Kids Self Development Camps

For you to ensure that your little ones also engage in positive activities that enrich their perspective of life and empower them to choose a happy life.

“All seasons are beautiful for the person who carries happiness within.” Horace Friess

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To celebrate the opening of our center we are offering our Monthly MBS Happiness Pass at a 25% discounted price.

Instead of 1000 AED, our first 50 members will enjoy these benefits for only 750 AED.

Fill-out the Happiness form below and we will contact you to arrange your subscription.

Feel free to call us on +971 4 345 8114 or whatsapp on +971 54 441 8272 if you have any questions.